Our company works in close collaboration with strategic partners in developing native access to the platform.

By working with us, you will be ensuring your music catalogue is accessible to leading production and radio broadcasting software solutions via the iMediaSources plugin.

  • Many publishers have opted to integrate their catalogues into the iNumerica platform in order to meet efficiency needs in publishing management and effectively rendering their content available.

    In doing so, they can manage interoperability with their partners.

    • Thanks to centralised management of metadata
    • Simplified integration of new catalogues
    • Registering catalogues with copyright collectives
    • Exporting to digital content publishers
    • Artist contract management
    • Licensing
    • Invoicing, estimates/quotes, payment reminders and enhanced marketing management
    • Preparing royalty statements
    • Analysing allocations
    • Enhanced statistics

    All Publishers/Producers can make their content accessible on iMediaSources.

  • Netia

    A member of the GlobeCast group, Nétia is a software solutions publisher specialising in the field of digital broadcasting, television and radio, supporting prestigious, leading clients on an international scale. In radio, their clients include: Radio France, RTL, ABC New York and Washington, Associated Press, RTBF, Rai, etc. In television and new media, they support: Canal+, TF1, TSR, EBU, France Télévisions, M6, Bayerischer Rundfunk, etc.

    Nétia's solutions allow publishers to manage all of their internal processes, from purchasing to multi-channel distribution. Nétia's Radio-Assist 8 ® platform is a range of digital audio software that covers all radio production processes.

    Visit the Nétia website

  • RCS

    RCS has been innovating solutions for the broadcasting industry for over 30 years.
    RCS provides software to over 9,000 radio and music stations, networks, web companies and cable and satellite companies all over the world.

    From GSelector and Programmation Musicale Réinventée to NexGen Digital, currently associated with iPush, and Linker, on-air programming, RCS software is the most widely used in radio.

    Visit the RCS website

  • Zenon-Media is the European market leader in Radio automation software.
    After more than 30 years' experience in the world of radio broadcasting, Zenon Media has the expertise to offer software solutions to meet the needs of small private radio stations and national radio stations alike.
    Zenon Media offers software modules especially designed for online Radio. Shoutcast streaming driver, icecast, etc. as well as machine hosting and streaming solutions.

    iNumerica is its official partner and develops native interfaces for their solutions.

  • WinMedia Group has been developing and marketing Broadcast and Archiving software solutions since 1995.
    Its main product, the WinMedia Software© software suite, meets all needs throughout the production chain: recording, publishing, music planning, publicity routing, airing and monitoring.

    To date, over 2,400 systems are currently in operation across the world.

    Visit the WinMedia website