Our company works in close collaboration with strategic partners in developing native access to the platform.

By working with us, you will be ensuring your music catalogue is accessible to leading production and radio broadcasting software solutions via the iMediaSources plugin.

  • Many publishers have opted to integrate their catalogues into the iNumerica platform in order to meet efficiency needs in publishing management and effectively rendering their content available.

    In doing so, they can manage interoperability with their partners.

    • Thanks to centralised management of metadata
    • Simplified integration of new catalogues
    • Registering catalogues with copyright collectives
    • Exporting to digital content publishers
    • Artist contract management
    • Licensing
    • Invoicing, estimates/quotes, payment reminders and enhanced marketing management
    • Preparing royalty statements
    • Analysing allocations
    • Enhanced statistics

    All Publishers/Producers can make their content accessible on iMediaSources.