I am an audio-visual producer. How can I access your tools?

A production company that uses the iEasyCueSheet Producer software to declare the music used in its audio-visual productions can access copyright information from our publishing partners as well as that provided by the SACEM [French association of songwriters, composers and music publishers] via this module. The iMediaSources Library is coming soon - a module that includes advanced features for searching and purchasing content, allowing producers to quickly access a diverse range of publishing catalogues or record labels that are iMediaSources partners.

Unique access and simplified negotiation through centralised content.

I am a sound designer/director. Can I access your tools?

Absolutely! Just like a production company, all you need is the iMediaSources module. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I am a publisher. How can I see declarations for my works used in audio-visual productions?

The company iNumerica offers all of its publisher/producer partners access to the iEasyCueSheet Editor module. Once the user has submitted a declaration, the publisher can check their History to find the declaration for the audio-visual programme that includes titles and copyrights for declared works, as well as duration and purpose of use. If you would like to set up associated services such as licensing and invoicing features, please contact iNumerica Support.

Your Cue Sheet system isn't recognising my catalogue titles!

This is simply because your copyright information isn't in our database! Please contact iNumerica.

My musical database copyright is incomplete!

We can help you update your database. Please contact iNumerica Support.

I don't have the WinMedia, Nétia or Zenon solutions. Can I still use iMediaSources?

Yes. To do so, please contact iNumerica. Once we have identified your needs, we can work together to establish the best way of integrating iMediaSources into your broadcasting environment.